Social & Networking Events

Outside of our weekly chapter meetings, we also have opportunities to come together for social events, charity events region-wide networking events.



At least once a quarter, we have workshops on a variety of topics of interests to our members. These workshops feature national Master Networks leaders or experts within our own region.


Leadership Training

Training and development is a big value of Master Networks and extends to our leaders. There are many opportunities to serve and lead at a chapter and regional level. Our leaders have the opportunity to come together regularly for training and development sessions, regional leadership calls and national calls and retreats.

National Conference


Once a year, professionals gather for an outstanding world-class training event. CONNECT 2019 is for Business owners, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and anyone else who is interested in growing their business and themselves!  You do not have to be a Master Networks Member to attend. Come join us!

Is Membership Right for You?

Lives and businesses are being changed through Master Networks, but maybe you aren't quite ready. Click the link below find out if  Master Networks is right for you.